The Lifecycle and Problem with Plastic



Australia produces 2.5m tonnes of plastic waste each year, whereby 84% of them end up in landfill. Approximately 130,000 tonnes of plastic waste leaks into the environment annually. By the time you finish reading this post, millions of single-use plastic packaging are sold and utilised on earth.

Did you know?

Amongst all plastics ever produced in Australia, only 9% is recycled and the rest burned, end up in natural environment and landfill. Plastic is made to last almost forever i.e. approximately 500 to 1,000 years for plastic bottles, plastic bags and mailer bags; and 200 years for plastic straws. 

The world is drowning in plastic. Solely relying on recycling is not enough. By 2050, if human inhabitants of earth are not made aware of the problem with plastic and mindlessly continue consuming them, the oceans of the world will contain more plastic wastes than marine lives. 

Plastic also POISONS our food chain. Even the tiniest creatures in our ocean, the plankton, will eat microplastics and absorb hazardous chemicals. The tiny, broken down pieces of plastics are displacing the algae required to sustain larger sea life that feed on them. 

The Solution?

REDUCE BEFORE RECYCLING. Minimise or avoid your personal usage of single-use plastic. Challenge yourself through one of these baby steps and gradually fulfil them all once you get the hang of it :-

  • Stop using plastics straws. Swap them out with reusable silicone or metal straws!
  • Avoid using takeaway coffee cups. Swap them out with your trusty old keep cup!
  • BYO takeaway containers when you eat out, just in case you have leftovers, instead of asking for a plastic container at restaurants.
  • Shop and support businesses that commit to reduce plastic packaging and advocate the use of sustainable alternatives, like our very own Ecotasticpack compostable eco-mailer!

Together, we can make a difference. The fight against single-use plastic packaging is the core of Ecotasticpack's existence

We are proud to be participating with many other existing eco-friendly companies out there that are putting sustainability and fighting plastic consumption as their core values and competencies.

Fortunately, the Australian government has also announced plans to phase out single-use plastics by the end of 2025 and has started banning the use of single-use plastic packaging for all supermarket and retail businesses. It is amazing that in this era, we can clearly see an increase in awareness of the harmful effects of plastic to our planet, with more small businesses growing and developing innovative plastic displacement products, such as compostable takeaway containers, coffee cups, and of course, mailer bags.

If all of us can individually make the above top 3 baby steps in our every day lives, and business owners can collectively swap out the way they ship packages into a more sustainable method (by using our mailers, that is 😉), together, we can make a HUGE difference!



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