About Us


Sustainability is at the underlying core of our product. A compostable and reusable Ecotasticpack mailer bag replaces the need for thousands of single-use plastic mailer bags. We believe every individual and business owners who ship their products play a significant role in generating change, which is why we put sustainability as our primary purpose and mission – to raise awareness on the possible toxicity of recycling plastics; educate people on how much plastics have polluted our landfill; and advocate home compostable alternatives.


Our Story 

We are 3 friends based in Melbourne who have been working in corporate and hospitality for over a decade. We are passionate about preserving and sustaining the environment through making sustainable conscious efforts in our everyday lives, particularly, by minimising our plastic usage. The idea of Ecotasticpack came about during the COVID-19 pandemic, where we see so many small and large businesses using plastic satchels to mail their products. These single-use satchels get thrown and end up in the landfill, and take 500 (or more) years to biodegrade. Based on many of our researches, even if they get recycled, the process of melting down and recycling plastics produces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - fumes that can harm plant and animal life near the industrial site. The heat required to melt plastic also generates carbon emissions, which contribute to global warming. Henceforth, the concept of “eliminating/reducing plastics before recycling” instilled our minds and the idea of corn starch made compostable eco-mailer came about.


Our Product 

Ecotasticpack mailers are made from corn starch i.e. from unconsumable corn; Polylactide (PLA) which is derived from corn starch and other plant wastes; and Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate (PBAT) which is the essence of its compostable feature. With this combination, it undeniably produces a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to dispatch your stuff, as opposed to using pesky and conventional plastic mailers. 

Ecotasticpack mailers are AS4736-2006 (seedling logo) and AS5810-2010 (home compostable logo) certified, in which our manufacturer’s certificate numbers are ABAM 10004 and ABAM 20013 accordingly. Verification of conformance to these licenses can be found at http://bioplastics.org.au/